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Iranian Fashion Designer, Miriam Heydari, Debuts Her Line @ DC Fashion Week

Iranians yet again are showing the world they are trend-setters! Fashionista and Designer, Miriam Heydari, debuted her new line at DC’s Fashion Week! On her website, Miriam says this when sharing her vision and a little about herself, “When a woman repeatedly purchases a brand of clothing with a person’s name behind it , there is a degree of mystique, curiosity, and even assumption about the personality behind the name. Mariam Heydari has garnered a loyal following for more than 25 years. It is the personal touch, the attention to detail, and the unique styling that has led to Mariam success. Being in retail for 28 years I learned that clothing has to be comfortable, in motion and at rest. I like both for myself and my customers that each piece works together to produce a piece of art that provides long-lasting pleasure – a statement of individual style that will be worn with pride. There is no mass production involved in Heydari. We like to provide our customer with clothes that set them apart from the crowd, but not in a shocking way. Through a process of layering fabric, manipulation, adding appropriate elements, discarding pieces that don’t work – or whatever it takes – the final vision is achieved. The result is satisfying for both myself and my customers.”

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