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Dc Fashionweek

Mariam Heydari has garnered a loyal following for more than 25 years. Consistently buying designer clothing may lend itself to curiosity and mystique about the personality of the designer. But her success is built not on personality, but on her personal touch, attention to detail and unique styling. Mariam states, as a clothing retailer for 28 years, I learned that clothing has to be comfortable while in motion as well as at rest. I desire that each piece works together to produce a piece of art that provides long-lasting pleasure - a statement of individual style that will be worn with pride. There is no mass production involved in Heydari, which provides customers with clothes of distinction that are never shocking. Heydari wraps the wearer in elegance through a process of layering, manipulation and addition of appropriate elements until the final vision is achieved. Behold texture, color and uneven lines and enjoy Heydaris wearable art! -DC Fashionweek Designer Bio