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The Story

In 2003, my dear friend, Anne Lane, introduced me to John Court (also known as John Kirthian) at her exhibition at Galerie L’Enfant in Georgetown. I was intrigued to hear that John had painted the romantic nude image that I had fallen in love with since first seeing it seven years earlier.

After some discussion, John explained that he had aspirations to launch a fragrance line which embodied the essence of his different paintings. I disclosed that it was a personal and professional goal to have a fragrance in my ‘Heydari’ collection. After taking John on a tour of my Helia’s stores, he expressed that the style and design of my fashion line emulated the creative vision for his ‘Kirth’ products. A partnership was born!

We quickly decided that we would bring his vision for a fragrance to life, and launch it under the Heydari brand. I have been given the exclusive worldwide license for the sale and distribution of the Kirth product line. We are exclusively offering a limited quantity of our first fragrance oil, Kirth by Heydari, as well as a limited number of reproductions of the image that inspired it - both as signed and numbered collector’s items available only at Helia’s locations. Following this initial offering, we hope to develop an extensive product offering to continue to grow the Kirth and Heydari brands.

- Mariam Heydari

The Fragrance

The Inspiration

A limited number of high quality reproductions of John Court's portrait image that inspired 'Kirth by Heydari' fragrance - signed and numbered as collector’s items by the artist


Heydari's first fragrance oil, available exclusively at Helia's locations starting May 1st.

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Mariam Heydari
Designer Of Heydari Line